Spectrum Life, Banking and Loosening the Apron Strings

 Last month, Aaron discovered his bank card wasn’t working. I called his bank and was assured his new card would be mailed by the end of December. I forgot about this issue until earlier this week. Aaron came to me and told me his card hadn’t been delivered to our home. Again, I told him I would call the bank...[ read more ]

Ham Steaks and Independence – Life Inside a Spectrum Family

I walked by my kitchen sink Thursday morning and spotted the usual item lying within it: a frozen ham steak. I smiled and kept walking. A little later I went back and snapped a pic. While many may look at this piece of meat and see just that, a piece of delicious pork, I see more…way more. Early on, we...[ read more ]

Corona Survivor Chronicles – Our Story, by KP

Before I share our experiences, I would like to preface everything by saying this was not an easy thing to do. Talking about having Coronavirus still feels taboo. But I knew it would be cathartic for me. I spoke with my hubby Paul about my desire. He would be included in my writings: he had Coronavirus too. Our experiences were...[ read more ]

Your Children Will Choose A Mate Just Like You. Does That Make You Happy or Sad?

Can I be honest? I will be both happy and sad if my sons picked someone like me. Why? I feel I have been a great mom for my sons, but not necessarily the best model for a mate. I love my sons by making sure they have every resource they need to be successful and happy. I often ask,...[ read more ]