Autism Advocacy

Autism Advocacy

Are you worried your son or daughter may have autism?

Has your child recently received an autism diagnosis
and you’re not sure what to do next?

Do you need assistance understanding your child’s special education needs and the IEP/504 process?

Do you work with a person with autism and want to learn how to be an effective advocate?

I provide autism advocacy for parents, caregivers, school personnel, mental health professionals and other interested persons by providing the following services:

– IEP/504 education/review
– IEP/504 recommendations
– IEP/504 meeting preparation
– IEP/504 meeting attendance (in person, by hone, or virtual)
– Supporting school personnel in IDEA compliance (consultation)
– Webinars/Workshops focusing on the special education process (parents, school staff, etc.)

My experience with autism advocacy started as a personal journey. My oldest son, Aaron, is on the autism spectrum. I began advocating for him in the school system when he was three years old. As a psychotherapist, I began to advocate for my autistic clients as well. I have over 20 years experience as an advocate. This is my passion!

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