Licensure Supervision

Licensure Supervision

I provide licensure supervision for the following NC credentials:

– Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

– Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist

– Certified Clinical Supervisor

– Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

I also provide supervision for graduate level students.

Supervision can be provided in person and virtual. The supervision process involves:

– Case review (through note review, audio/visual recording, provide ongoing and final evaluation of the supervisee’s clinical skills);
– Providing oversight and guidance in diagnosing, conceptualizing, treating and dealing with the supervisee’s clients;
– A focus on the raw data as presented by the supervisee in supervisee’s clinical work;
– Conducting supervision as a process distinct from personal therapy or didactic instruction;
– Evaluating the supervisee’s role and conceptual understanding in the treatment process;
– Evaluating the supervisee’s utilization of a theoretical base and counseling principles.

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