Spectrum Life, Banking and Loosening the Apron Strings

Spectrum Life, Banking and Loosening the Apron Strings

 Last month, Aaron discovered his bank card wasn’t working. I called his bank and was assured his new card would be mailed by the end of December.

I forgot about this issue until earlier this week. Aaron came to me and told me his card hadn’t been delivered to our home. Again, I told him I would call the bank and “figure it all out.”

Turns out, his bank card was mailed to our old address and returned to the corporate office. He would need to come into out local branch, change his address on file, and request a new card. I asked Aaron if he wanted me to go with him to perform this task. In his usual “Aaron fashion”, he looked up, then down, in deep thought and then replied, “If you could take me to the bank that would be nice. I think I can go in by myself.” I told him that was fine. I also added, “Aaron it’s time for you to call the bank on your own. I think you can do it.” Aaron agreed and we went about out day.

Yesterday, I took Aaron to the bank after I went walking. We reviewed what he was to say to the teller to make sure his needs would be met. I waited inside my truck while he went inside alone.

Aaron walking into his bank.

Aaron walked out of the bank a short while later, mission accomplished. He explained the teller that assisted him was a high school classmate who recognized him. They engaged in small talk while they conducted business. When we drove into our driveway, Aaron looked at me and said, “The Lord works in mysterious ways, huh Mom?” I nodded and he exited the truck.

I sat in the truck for a moment, being thankful for this seemingly small moment to others, but a big deal to Aaron, to us, his family. I hadn’t realized until his last comment how nervous he was to go into the bank and perform what seems like to others a simple banking task. I was reminded my oldest son will be 26 in a few days and it is time for me to loosen my apron strings some. Aaron has shown us he is courageous and faithful. God and Team Pruden will always have his back!

Adults on the autism spectrum can lead productive, happy lives with supports, depending on their needs. As their village, it is our responsibility to encourage our loved one on the Spectrum to live as independently as possible while offering encouragement and whatever support they need without enabling them. That last PSR can be difficult, believe me I know. Butt at the end of the day, their definition of a meaningful day is the goal.

Peace and Blessings,


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