Your Children Will Choose A Mate Just Like You. Does That Make You Happy or Sad?

Your Children Will Choose A Mate Just Like You. Does That Make You Happy or Sad?

Can I be honest? I will be both happy and sad if my sons picked someone like me. Why?

I feel I have been a great mom for my sons, but not necessarily the best model for a mate. I love my sons by making sure they have every resource they need to be successful and happy. I often ask, “What do you need from me to help you?”, when they talk about goals. I emphasize the importance of integrity, faith, and responsibility.

I realize they watch my husband and I as we engage with each other. I totally understand that children model what they see. Paul and I have modeled a loving, respectful relationship for Aaron and Bryant. But that’s not where my sadness lies.

I can be a hard task master. I am very cognizant of my Type A personality and it’s effects on my family. I am aware that in my quest to make sure “everything is just right,” I haven’t always enjoyed my family or slowed down to spend time with them.

My focus has been to raise godly men and mates, but I haven’t always modeled godly mate-worthy behavior myself: compromise, forgiveness, grace and mercy- all things I am still working on improving in my life.

My prayer for my sons is they find good, god fearing women to settle down with and have a family. I pray their wives are loving, nurturing, hard working and supportive of their dreams. But most of all, I pray their wives are their soft place, their place of forgiveness and compromise, that they can find that balance that seems illusive to me at times……

Peace and Blessings,



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